Medical Boarding Form

Due to limited space, we no longer offer routine boarding but will accommodate medical boarding based upon availability.  Please contact our office if you need a recommendation for a facility for your pet.

In order to meet your pet’s needs, please take a few moments to fill out the following information:

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MM slash DD slash YYYY

Discharge Time(Required)


Did you bring food?(Required)

Please Note: There is an additional fee to administer medications to your pet while boarding

All dogs will receive Capstar, an oral flea preventative upon entry at the owner’s expense. Dogs that are staying three nights or longer will also receive Capstar upon departure. Cats will receive Capstar upon entry if fleas are present.
All boarded pets must be current on all required vaccines and free of internal and external parasites to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and parasites.
Please feel free to discuss with our staff any of the additional services that may be needed while your pet is in boarding.

2A) Canine Vaccines

2B) Feline Vaccines

3) Lab Work

5) Grooming Services

All dogs boarding five nights or longer are recommended to have a bath at the owner’s expense to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the pet.(Required)

CPR or DNR Consent

CPR means Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and is the treatment or resuscitation of a pet who has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped beating. Resuscitation of a pet who has stopped breathing but still has a heartbeat is more likely to succeed than resuscitation of a pet with no heartbeat.
CPR Consent(Required)

DNR means Do Not Resuscitate. This means if a pet stops breathing or the heart stops, no effort will be made to attempt to revive the pet, and the pet will die.
DNR Consent(Required)


Emergency medical attention will be provided if needed, and every attempt will be made to contact me if such case should arise. I understand that the doctors and staff will use sound medical knowledge, and I as the owner accept all financial responsibility.

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