We provide boarding as a service to our clients. All boarding pets receive personal attention from our caring staff. We provide spacious runs and quiet room cages for dogs. All boarding dogs are walked individually three times daily by one of our assistants in our fenced-in and spacious yard. Cats that are boarding have a separate room with condo style living allowing their litter boxes to be separate from their sleeping area. There is also a wall of windows so that your cat can still be enriched with the sights of the outdoors during their stay.


Pets for boarding may be dropped off and picked up during our regular business hours Monday through Saturday. All boarding pets must be up to date on their yearly exam and vaccines. We have plenty of bedding on premises, but please bring your pet’s regular food and any medications he or she is on. You can download a copy of our boarding sheet in the forms section to fill out before you come in.

For more information or to book a stay for your pet, call us at 804-741-3200