Pet Wellness Exam Richmond

Wellness Exams

Our doctors take time to develop a personalized protocol for your pet regarding frequency of physical exams and vaccines. In addition, they will determine any laboratory or diagnostic tests that need to be incorporated in order to keep your cat or dog happy and healthy. We recommend routine annual pet wellness exams for all pets and biannual examinations for senior pets over the age of eight. Our vaccination protocols follow AAHA guidelines.

Why Your Pet Needs Annual Wellness Exams

Remember, even if your pet does not have any vaccinations due, they should still be seen regularly by their doctor to ensure there are no changes in health. Pet wellness exams are designed to enhance the early detection, prevention, and monitoring of life altering diseases.

Pet Wellness Exams In Richmond, VA

Taking care of your precious pet’s health starts with a thorough veterinary exam. To schedule a pet wellness exam, call us at 804-741-3200.