Acupuncture Form

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Client/Patient Questions

Preference for temperature: (cold, warm, neutral)

Likes to sleep on cool tile or warm carpet?(Required)

Pants even when in air-conditioning?(Required)

Likes to lay in the sun even when it is hot?(Required)

Easily adapts to surrounding temperature?(Required)

Seems to be intolerant of heat?(Required)

Seems to be intolerant of cold?(Required)


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Startles easily with loud noises or sudden movements?(Required)

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Personality types of TCVM

Each animal, and human, is a combination of all 5 elements. However, each of us has a predominant element that defines us. See if one of these describes your dog or cat’s personality more than the others.

Fire: extremely friendly, greets strangers warmly, noisy/barking/talkative/excited/hyper­excitable, center of attention, difficult to keep still, sensitive to needles, extremely extroverted.

Wood: arrogantly confident, irritable/crabby, active/energetic/athletic. Aggressive/angryr, competitive, bites with little provocation, impatient, extroverted.

Earth: friendly, enjoys sleeping and eating, eager to please owner, slow to react, laid-back, easy-going, worries for others, extroverted or introverted.

Water: fearful, quiet, not confident, watches what the vet is doing, normal or nervous in the exam room, but aggressive at home. Extremely introverted.

Metal: aloof, quiet, confident but not arrogant, disciplined, follows the rules, organized, hides emotions, introverted.

Thank you for taking the time to help me know your furry family member better! I look forward to working with you!


Carroll Garland

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, DVM